Welcome to my new blog. A simple greeting, that is how I am choosing to begin this blog. I have never written one before, and am not sure how successful this is going to be. However, I think I have a topic that will interest some people.

My grandfather’s story.

From what little I already know about his story, I know it is one worth investigating. One worth sharing. My hope is that you will want to follow me in this quest and follow me in my discoveries. That is what this blog is about after all; my journey to find the past. This is a journal of that journey.

My name is Matthew Joseph Splant. My ancestor I am referring to is my grandfather on my mother’s side. His name is Joseph BoĊ‚eslaw Hossa. A man who among other things survived the Holocaust Interment camps. Had his life torn asunder, his properties and possessions in Poland seized, and his body and mind tortured by the Nazis. Yet he endured, found his way back to America and built a new life.

Again, welcome. I already have many notes, anecdotal stories and documents. I will share and post them very soon. And as I find more information about my grandfather, this blog will be the vessel used to share that information.