I haven’t been very good at posting to my blog, but I am determined to change that behavior! However, I feel I need to correct something that I published in a previous post. So, without further ado and before I go on, here is my correcti0n.

In two prior posts, My Grandfather on the 1920 Census and 1920 United States Census for Frank Hossa and Family (Image), I mentioned an individual named Anthony Hossa who was born about 1912. In reality this person was Antonia Hossa a female. Now I know that the 1920 census shows that ‘she’ is a ‘he’ named Anthony, but verbal accounts of this person is a woman. I am told she went by the name of Tola.

I do not know why the census shows a person who, by all family accounts, is a female as a male. But I am assured that this is incorrect. And to compound this strange anomaly, a passenger manifest in July 1920, when Frank moved his wife and children to Poland, also has Tola and almost all her siblings mis-gendered. I’ll have to look into this at a later time and post my findings.

I have a strong feeling that as I continue along my journey here, I will occasionally need to make corrections. As a historian, this is to be expected. And to help punctuate those times, I will title those posts, like this one, “Before I Go On…”. I will also make a notation on the original post of the correction and a link to it’s corresponding “Before I Go On…” page.