1920 census, Chicago Ward 8, State of Illinois, Census Enumeration District 497, Sheet 18 A

This Census shows Joseph Hossa living with his parents (Frank and Josephine) and his siblings (Francis, Virginia, Anthony, Pearl, Walter). Along with detailed information about the entire household.

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Information contained on this census page includes:

Joseph’s parents were Frank and Josephine Hossa (both born in Poland), that the family lived at 8240 S Burley Ave, Chicago, Illinois in Cook County (which they rented). Joseph was 6 years old. His siblings (and their ages) were: Francis [sister] (12), Virginia (10), Anthony (8)**, Pearl (3), Walter (1). The year that both my great grandmother (Josephine) and my great grandfather (Frank) immigrated to the US; 1903 and 1891 respectively. Frank and Josephine were born in Poland (and spoke Polish) and the children were all born in Illinois. Frank’s occupation was that of a Saloon Keeper. Frank and Josephine’s parents were all born in Poland and spoke Polish. The entire family could speak English.

** NOTE: This individual is a female name Tola – See this blog post regarding the correction made on September 17, 2014

This is a digitized original of the Fourteenth Census of the United States: 1920 – Population. City of Chicago, 8th Ward, State of Illinois, County of Cook, Census Enumeration District 497, Sheet 18 A. Date 9th of January, 1920. Lines 15 – 22 contain the household for Frank and Josephine Hossa. The first two columns show they lived at 8460 S Burley Ave, Chicago, IL. The remaining columns are specific to each member of the household.